A Concise and Powerful Refutation of Theistic Determinism

“The Dilemma of Theistic Determinism” by Dr. Günther H. Juncker from the Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry


In the popular tradition of William James’s classic “The Dilemma of Determinism” and Sir Karl Popper’s “Indeterminism and Human Freedom,” I offer up the following sound bite as food for philosophical and theological thought.

If determinism is true then either God is evil and the author of evil or all talk of good and evil, of praise and blame, of moral responsibility, and of justice is meaningless and incomprehensible with reference to God. That is, if God can cause or determine evil and yet remain good, and if God can punish those who do exactly and only what He has meticulously caused and determined them to do and yet remain just, then we have no idea who God is or what He might or might not do or what Scripture could possibly mean when it calls Him “good” and “just.”

These are strong claims; nevertheless, it seems to me that theistic determinism is committed to the conjunction of several theses that lead to precisely such a dilemma.

HT: Dale Wayman


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One thought on “A Concise and Powerful Refutation of Theistic Determinism

  1. Please allow me in ONE WORD to sum up “this Dilemma of Determinism”=======> ABORTION!!!

    How could anyone say that God, YAHWEH IS HIS NAME, is a kind and loving God, and then in the same breath defend such heretical accusations that “God just sends some to hell, and some to heaven!”

    So God, a God of purpose, a God of order, THE AUTHOR OF LOVE WHO HE IN/AND OF HIMSELF IS LOVE, would create some “children” to “keep,” while he would create some children just to throw away in the trash (ABORT to hell) – BLASPHEMY!!! DRIPPING FROM THE VENOMOUS FANGS OF VIPERS…

    Come on folks, How contradictory can one get??? and they think and say that they “KNOW” God!!!

    While it is they themselves who have done it – Me! Me! Me!, Bound by self – a piously pompous intellect condemned just 18 inches short by an un-surrendered and unknowing heart – FOOLISHNESS!!!

    A great pastor once told me “if something is 99.9% truth, and 1% dung, its still crap!” I don’t know, this just made since to me. So if its NOT TRUTH, then ITS FALSE! And how long are we “Truth” believing people (the church), going allow this in our ranks (around our children) without sounding an alarm “FALSE GOSPEL! FALSE GOSPEL! FALSE GOSPEL!!!”

    I have tried, and tried and tried to love and explain such errors – but there are those who have rejected the truth and wont listen. Stop casting them upon swine while we still have time. There are MILLIONS upon billions who don’t already “KNOW EVERYTHING,” and who are literally dying to hear it!

    For it IS written, and both shall they say and be:

    22 “‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’
    23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me,..” (Matthew 7:22-23).

    Marriage & Love without Consent (a choice) = is nothing more than Mastery/Slavery – a doctrine by none other the satan (doesn’t deserve the capital letter) himself…

    Oh, and might I add abortion as well!!!

    God, YAHWEH IS HIS NAME, died once, and for ALL (period).

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