Finally “Submitting” to Calvinism

I highly recommend this  article by Chris Chapman.  It seems especially relevant in light of my recent responses to C Michael Patton on his “The Irrationality of Calvinism” post.  While portions of Chapman’s post may seem offensive to some, it still illustrates a compelling narrative for why many end up turning to Calvinism.  I have often gotten the same vibe from just having discussions with Calvinists, especially based on their personal descriptions of coming to Calvinism.  I wonder if there are  any former Calvinists out there who can attest to this narrative as rather accurately reflecting their own process in coming to Calvinism?

More on the Psychology of Calvinism

Billy Birch has written an excellent post on why certain Calvinists might tend to act the way that they do towards non-Calvinists.  It is also a gentle and necessary reminder to us all to conduct ourselves with grace, compassion, and respect when discussing these controversial topics.  Thanks Billy!

Are There Any Possible Psychological Factors That Contribute to Some People Embracing Calvinism?

I think so. I find this question especially interesting as Calvinists will often insist that most people who hold to Arminianism do so primarily for emotional or psychological reasons, rather than exegetical ones.  Perhaps some do, but I think the majority of Arminians would say they are Arminians primarily for exegetical reasons (at least this Arminian is).  Still, there may certainly be Arminians (or non-Calvinists) who reject Calvinism more on emotional or psycological grounds than on exegetical grounds.  We would be naive, however, to assume such could only be true of Arminians and non-Calvinists, as the post linked below well demonstrates.

Exploring the Psychology of Embracing Calvinism