Baffling Comment

Someone named JW ignored the stated purpose of the X-Calvinist Corner page and wrote the following:

Congratulations to all ex-Calvinists. Now you have the right to go to hell. It’s a precious right so guard it with all of your hearts.

I am not sure what to make of it.  Is this person suggesting that leaving Calvinism sends someone to hell?  Does the comment suggest that only Calvinists are saved?  If so, this is another disturbing example of the pride and intolerance of certain Calvinists towards any theology that wasn’t invented by John Calvin.  It really turns sola fide into sola Calvinism.  I wish I could say this is the minority view among Calvinists today, but I am really starting to wonder.  It seems to typify where the Neo-Reformed movement has been heading for quite some time.  Perhaps I have misunderstood.  If so, I invite the author of this comment to explain.

Scriptural Analogy Fail

My wife sent me the quote below which is attributed to Paul Washer. While he teaches many godly principles that are too often neglected in the Western church, I couldn’t help but smile at this snippet:

The question is not whether you would like to pray this prayer and ask Jesus to come into your heart — after all, you know, the handle to your heart is on the inside and if you do not open it Jesus cannot come in. My friend, Jesus is Lord of your heart and if He wants to come in, He will kick the door down.

The first thought that hit me upon reading the quote was that we need to rewrite Revelation 3:20:

“Behold, I stand at the door and kick….”

Here is a Calvinist Who Isn’t Afraid to Tell it Like it is!

Marvin Merriweather writes:

Jesus was a Calvinist…I’m a five-point Calvinist who renounces any other gospel except the one true gospel of Jesus Christ the Calvinist Messiah.

In a comments thread he writes:

Calvin was so special that Jesus held to his theology. Jesus foreknew the future and realized Calvin had the best theology in the history of the universe. John Calvin and Jesus are almost like brothers.

Is this a joke?  One can only hope.