Important Blog Rules

I appreciate and enjoy feedback from those who agree/disagree with me but I believe that it is very important to treat each other with mutual respect.  Below are some basic guidelines that I would like followed by all who comment here:

1) I do not want to be called a heretic.  If you believe that Arminianism is heresy keep that opinion to yourself when commenting at my site.  The same goes for Calvinism.  I think Calvinism is very wrong about a great many things but I do not believe that Calvinists are not saved just because they are Calvinists.  If they are trusting in Christ for salvation then they are saved.  Calvinists are often passionate about their faith and work hard to spread the gospel.  We disagree on how exactly God goes about saving people but agree that God alone can save and that through Jesus Christ alone.  I consider Calvinists to be my brothers in the Lord and I pray that they will come to recognize the errors in their TULIP doctrines.  If you want to give your opinion on what you perceive to be the errors of Arminianism or Calvinism refrain from charging either system with damnable heresy and refrain from disrespectfully using a lower case “g” while referring to their conception of God.  This gives the impression that the other side worships a false god and that will not be tolerated on this blog.

2) No spamming allowed.  You may not drop a link for the sole purpose of promoting your site without interacting with the post material.  Make sure that the link relates to the post or discussion thread.

3) No name calling.  We can be passionately against certain beliefs without being passionately against those persons who hold to those beliefs. We are all made in God’s image and need to respect each other and try to esteem others as better than ourselves as the Scriptures teach.

4) Be careful not to misrepresent the opposing position.  Know what Arminians or Calvinists believe before criticizing those beliefs.  If you are not sure, ask for clarification.  If your goal is to demonstrate where you believe a certain doctrinal conviction logically leads, be careful to acknowledge that those who hold that position may not embrace the logical consequences of their system.  The burden of proof rests on you to show that a certain doctrinal conviction logically leads to the conclusions you claim for it.  If you are not willing to carefully argue the point then don’t bother to make it.

5) Posting large portions of other people’s material (specifically scholars or published writers) without giving credit to those sources will not be tolerated.  Whenever possible link to your source material or cite the source.

6) Apologies for violating rules will always be accepted and posting privileges granted to anyone who follows an apology with a change in behavior.

7) All comments will be moderated before approval.  I reserve the right to delete comments or refrain from approving comments.

8) This page was created and posted on 10/10/08.  Any comments made prior to this date that do not follow these guidelines will be left alone (unless they have already been deleted).  All comments left after this date will be held to the above guidelines and dealt with accordingly.

I thank you in advance for reading and respecting these blog rules.  May God’s blessing rest on all those who interact here and may God’s Spirit lead us into His truth.