Where the New Calvinist Movement is Heading- Hyper Calvinism?

I found this comment after a post by a Calvinist at this blog:

There are three books every born again child of God should read (1) the Bible (2) The Reign of Grace by Abraham Boothe (3) An Antidote to Armianism by Christopher Ness. There is no such thing as a “Reformed Christian” because you are a christian or a non christian and if you have not been led by the Holy Spirit to a belief in the doctrines of grace (which is a being raised from the dead, not a reformation) then you believe another gospel and you are anathama.

It is comforting but not true to believe that someone can believe in free ill [sic.] and be saved

Good stuff.  First, read the Bible (refreshing).  Second, read two Calvinist works so that you can be sufficiently brainwashed into ignoring what you just read in the Bible about God’s love for the world, desire for all to be saved, the possibility of apostasy from genuine faith, etc.  Basically, all those pesky parts that blatantly contradict Calvinism.

Anyway, as long as you read those books “after” you read the Bible, you can avoid the heresy of believing in free will which would make it impossible to be saved (never mind that you have no choice about what you believe in the first place).  Oh, and if God hasn’t caused you to embrace Calvinism, you are clearly not saved.

Of course, this is just one voice among many Calvinists and might be considered rather extreme.  However, it should be noted that this is the first comment in the thread.  One would expect that at least one Calvinist would set this fellow straight on his hyper Calvinism, but  not a single one takes this hyper-Calvinist to task.  It seems that Mr. Owen is really onto something (though I disagree with his claim in his initial article that the old time Calvinists were not as anti-Arminian as the YRR movement.  That is hardly the case).  It does seem that things are trending in this direction of “non-Calvinists aren’t Christians” among Calvinists.  Hopefully, more Calvinists like Paul Owen will sound the alarm before this sort of extremism really does become the norm.

6 thoughts on “Where the New Calvinist Movement is Heading- Hyper Calvinism?

  1. I see the “new” Calvinism heading toward this position as well. Not just hyper-Calvinism, antinomianism, but also declaring others lost because they are not Arminians. It is not enough to be saved, born again, etc. but you must also hold to Calvinism. Sounds a lot like Acts 15 all over again.

  2. It does seem that this extremism and elitism is growing nearly as fast as the movement (though I tend to think the movement is slowing down which may be why John Piper seems to be so heavily promoting Calvinism in recent days- perhaps he senses that the movement is losing force).

    In the same thread you will see Arminianism being wrongly equated with semi-Pelagianism. That sort of ignorance in the movement and the refusal of many of its leaders to correct such misrepresentations and historically errant views from being perpetuated among its followers is really disturbing.

    And of course, in the same thread, you will see the oft repeated claim that Arminians and non-Calvinists just reject Calvinism because they don’t like God’s sovereignty or want to be sovereign over God. It is sad that these Calvinists cannot seem to even entertain the idea that Arminians reject Calvinism for Biblical reasons, rather than some sort of sinister carnal or humanistic motivation. And let’s just try not to think about the fact that if Calvinist determinism is true (which they equate with God’s sovereignty), then any such desire to be sovereign over God is the result of God sovereignly controlling them to have and act on such desires. God sovereignly causes Christians to reject His “sovereignty” (i.e Calvinist determinism) and then gets angry at them for doing exactly what He caused them to do with no more power to resist His sovereign decree for them to reject His sovereignty then to make God cease to exist. Reminds me of this: https://arminianperspectives.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/how-can-gods-glory-be-diminished-in-calvinism/

    Or this: https://arminianperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/calvinist-prayer-and-many-other-things-explained/

  3. Let’s remember what prominent Calvinist Phil Johnson has written in his primer on Hyper-Calvinism:

    “Virtually every revival of true Calvinism since the Puritan era has been hijacked, crippled, or ultimately killed by hyper-Calvinist influences.”

    Of course, this is probably because Hyper-Calvinism takes regular Calvinism to its logical implications. Hopefully, both will be drastically diminished in the coming years, and Arminian theology (the *biblical* doctrines of grace) will grow tremendously.

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