3 thoughts on “Austin Fischer Responds to Kevin DeYoung’s Review of his Book

  1. More evidence of what increasingly seems to be the typical intellectually elitist attitude of Calvinists in Steve Hays’ insulting comment: “The moral of the story is that intellectually lightweight ex-Calvinists like Fischer make the best Arminians.”

    Calvinists like Hays seem to want very badly to convince everyone that Calvinists are simply smarter than those who disagree and to disagree with Calvinism is just to show how stupid you are. It truly does seem at times that Intellectual elitism and smugness are some of the main fruits of Calvinism.

    Packer calls Arminianism an “Intellectual Sin of Infirmity”


    And who can forget this classic from Piper:

    “I love the doctrines of grace with all my heart, and I think they are pride-shattering, humbling, and love-producing doctrines. But I think there is an attractiveness about them to some people, in large matter, because of their intellectual rigor. They are powerfully coherent doctrines, and certain kinds of minds are drawn to that. And those kinds of minds tend to be argumentative.

    So the intellectual appeal of the system of Calvinism draws a certain kind of intellectual person, and that type of person doesn’t tend to be the most warm, fuzzy, and tender. Therefore this type of person has a greater danger of being hostile, gruff, abrupt, insensitive or intellectualistic.”


  2. LOL I just read “that” article in Triablogue(Hays) and there is also a Filipino there posting but is a Calvinist. 🙂

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