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My next big project will be fixing broken links on the side bar. Many of the links go to sites that are no longer there, and many others go to SEA articles but the links don’t work since SEA moved. Those ones just need to be re-done. If you notice any links that do not work, either on the side bar or in posts you have read, please let me know in the comments section below. Hopefully, I can devote some time to this sometime soon.


8 thoughts on “Help With Fixing Links

  1. In Acts 10 we read about a man named Cornelius.He was devout and feared GOD.He had visions.A natural man does not fear GOD.Romans 3:18.Devout means sincere,righteous.So Cornelius would have had to have been born again.Yet he was a Gential of Italian band.The only thing is cornelius has never heard the Gospel.So God puts him and Peter together.The sheet lifted up three times represents the 3 men as gentiles that God has cleansed coming to Peter’s Door.Peter is to rise and receive them.Peter learns a lesson here as well,is that God Births whomsoever he wants in Any nation and they are the ones that fear God and are accepted with God.Peter explains to Cornelius the Gospel Acts 10:34.You see how it is the spirit that gives life before the gospel is even heard by a child of God. 2nd Timothy1:10 we read That Christ abolished death and hath brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel.What the gospel done for Cornelius ,was give him an understanding of What had happened to him.Apostle Paul has done that to the gentile office for their understanding as well.
    Some of Us relise that The new birth is entirly up to God and that the fear of God comes in a child of Gods life,Wisdom follows.ears are opened,Understandings are enlightened.God cleans Gentiles ,renews their spirit,their mind .If the Lord didn’t begin this work in us ,we would remain dead in sin.Spiritual dead,full of cursing and bitterness,lost without any hope,children of wrath.You see how when we were in this state how that we had no faith,we had no hope in them things Paul said.The new birth did not come about by Our faith,because we was lost without any hope.The new birth came about by the Lords own mercy and grace,as Pauls letter to the Ephesains explains.Faith is one of the gifts of the spirit that is imparted to a child of God at divine quickening and a fruit of the spirit.Galations did not place your so called faith in Christ and become born again ! Thats the horse behind the cart.No,no.When you was dead you had no desire for God,your mind was an enimty against and toward God.You didn’t out of some choice of yours decide to be born again.You didn’t become born again because you tell everybody in a church setting you accepeted Christ.Thats a false witness.If Christ has accepted you,you will bear the fruit of it.Of the new Birth.And it will be relised among the church what God has wrought in you.Which is a good work.Salvation is of the Lord ! When he visits a child of God they will bear evidense and have a substance of hope in their daily life in this present evil world.
    Thank you Lewis Mixon

  2. Lewis,

    Not sure why you posted this here. I have a hard time following your writing at times. Not sure what point you are trying to make here. Are you trying to argue that regeneration precedes faith? If so, you really haven’t made a very good case for that. In fact, some of your examples here really work against you if you read the context. They actually serve well to prove that faith precedes regeneration. Did you read those links I referred you to?

    God Bless,

  3. Your link “eternal debate” doesn’t seem to work for me. The rest of the “Arminian Websites and Resources” links seem ok. I tried them all.

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