Spirit of God, Fall on Us!

Have a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend!

We have plastic, we have metal
We have iron, we have steel
We have food stuffed in our bellies
And we’re big on sex appeal
We are that blessed major power, take all that we can
Now we have no yesterday, we even threw that away
We have weapons, we have armies
We have killers, we have power
We have gold stuffed in our pockets
This could be our final hour
If God you had trusted
Your eagle could fly
The blood of your soldiers
Is this why they died?
Spirit of God fall on us
Spirit of God fall on us
Your flag proudly waving, your colors displayed
But your stars are all fading, your banner has frayed
We need kindness, we need goodness
We need joy, we need peace
We need churches filled with people
Who are praying on their knees
To that blessed major power who gave His Son to man
Now we have Him here today, yesterday and forever!
Spirit of God fall on us
Spirit of God fall on us

4 thoughts on “Spirit of God, Fall on Us!

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Bloodgood when I was in college. It was a small show in a fire hall. It was raining and we were waiting outside to be let in, all getting wet and feeling pretty miserable. The band showed up and had them let us in immediately to get out of the rain. After a few minutes, they came out and started playing and everyone got excited. When they finished the song, Les (the lead singer) told us that they would be right back after they got their “rock and roll clothes” on. Everyone then realized that it had only been the sound check. Normally, that would have happened long before anyone came in, but the band refused to let us stay out in the rain. Genuinely good God loving people, doing it for all the right reasons. Word is that they are coming out with a new CD this year. Enjoy.

  2. I wouldn’t say they sound like Petra, but maybe the style of this song is a little more like late Petra in the 90’s. Maybe. There first two CDs were much different than the one this one comes off of. You should really check them out. Especially see their song “Crucify” followed by “Messiah.” You can find it on YouTube. They do a really good stage presentation of the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. The lead singer sings as Pilate. Hey, I might as well just paste it in here for you:

    Oh, I should mention it might be a little too graphic for some children.

  3. That was pretty cool. It brought back memories of the band Angelica. If you’ve never heard them I highly recommend them.

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