Slowing Down Again

Unfortunately, after tonight we are cancelling our internet service at home again.  Not sure how long this will last.  Unfortunately, this will result in slower response times to questions and comments and fewer opportunities for me to write new posts as I will be limited to when I can get to the Library.  I will still do my best to stay on top of things and continue to contribute new posts, but things will certainly slow down.  I appreciate your patience.

Update: It seems our trial offer was for 12 months instead of 6, so I can stay online a little longer.  Praise God!  However, I will still probably have less time to devote to the site soon due to upcoming changes in my work schedule.

One thought on “Slowing Down Again

  1. I know the feeling, may need to do the same when this contract finishes Think of us Kiwis, internet charges are among highest in world and service only OK. Facebook nearly unusable.

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