David Wilkerson: An Excerpt From His Sermon “A Call to Anguish”

Something I really needed to hear from a true man of God in a world full of more and more fakers and performers. Good luck getting through this without crying.  May God use it to call us to action and a deeper devotion to Him.  It’s truly time to snap out of it, before it is too late. I wish David Wilkerson were still preaching today, but his time of anguish on this planet is over, and his eternal day of rejoicing has begun.


6 thoughts on “David Wilkerson: An Excerpt From His Sermon “A Call to Anguish”

  1. I have recognized this in the church for many years, and have been very “concerned”, but I need the anguish that he spoke of….We need more passionate preaching like this in the church.

  2. I once posted this on Facebook and a guy who claimed to be a Christian wanted to debate me over it. He said that this type of preaching is what is killing Christianity. I told him it was the lack of anguish that was killing Christianity. In the end, his antinomianism came out and I realized I was dealing with a guy who was not even saved.

  3. Roy,

    That is truly bizarre. What a shame that such doctrines can lead to one despising a call to get serious about God and His will, as if it is contrary to what God wants. Amazing.

  4. Steve,

    I need it too. May God help us both to get closer to Him and truly make Him the preeminence of our lives. I appreciate this message from Wilkerson because he so well exemplified it. His obedience has left an impact on this world that is so rarely seen anymore. I am glad that I had the privilege to hear him and meet him before his death.

    God Bless,

  5. My wife loves David Wilkerson……one of her favorite people….We listen to preaching from Times Square Church once in a while, and it’s very hard-hitting and convicting….They don’t mess around in that church…..They take the call of the Church seriously.

    Steve S.

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