To the Point on John Piper’s Book on Romans 9

Piper image


Created by Jason Godfrey


11 Responses

  1. Hahahahaha … priceless.

  2. I was going to add, ‘and chapters 10 & 11’, but thought 2 lines down the bottom would lose it’s snappiness 😛

  3. Jason,

    Could you create a new image without the hat? I am not a big fan of the hat. I honestly barely noticed it at first, but now it seems to detract from the main point- Piper’s unusual exegetical method in interpreting Romans 9. The hat can come across as offensive as it can portray him as stupid. I doubt you think he is stupid, even if he neglected very important Biblical information in interpreting Romans 9. My guess is the hat is a way of kinda making light of interpreting Romans 9 while neglecting Paul’s actual conclusion to the chapter, but since it is on his head, it comes across as a little too personal and insulting. Anyway, if you can provide a new image, I will leave the post up, but if not I will be taking it down soon.


  4. Sure, when I get home I’ll repost it in the SEA google group.

  5. Thanks. It is a point well made; I just don’t want to unnecessarily offend anyone in making that point.

    God Bless,

  6. Is anyone else not seeing the image now that I have updated, or is it just my computer? The image showed up fine when I first updated it.

  7. I’m not seeing anything.

  8. I’ll try again. Not sure what happened.

  9. Good picture, but wrong dimensions.

  10. It’s fixed, but smaller. Oh, well. Still don’t understand what happened.

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