11 thoughts on “To the Point on John Piper’s Book on Romans 9

  1. I was going to add, ‘and chapters 10 & 11’, but thought 2 lines down the bottom would lose it’s snappiness 😛

  2. Jason,

    Could you create a new image without the hat? I am not a big fan of the hat. I honestly barely noticed it at first, but now it seems to detract from the main point- Piper’s unusual exegetical method in interpreting Romans 9. The hat can come across as offensive as it can portray him as stupid. I doubt you think he is stupid, even if he neglected very important Biblical information in interpreting Romans 9. My guess is the hat is a way of kinda making light of interpreting Romans 9 while neglecting Paul’s actual conclusion to the chapter, but since it is on his head, it comes across as a little too personal and insulting. Anyway, if you can provide a new image, I will leave the post up, but if not I will be taking it down soon.


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