Merry Christmas!

This is going to be a difficult Christmas for a lot of families.  Thankfully, there is always hope in Christ.  This wonderful video helps put things into perspective.  Be sure to have the volume up when you watch it. Enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Dee,

    You are entitled to your opinion, but I am not sure what you hope to gain by saying such things. Christians who celebrate Christmas are celebrating the birth of Christ, not paganism. There is nothing pagan in rejoicing in Christ’s coming. That is perfectly Biblical. Of course, a strong argument could be made that much of what is taught in Calvinism has its origins in pagan Gnosticism as well, but that doesn’t seem to bother you.

  2. Christ Mass is a Roman Catholic invention used as a compromise to make pagans happy to join the church. That’s a fact of history. Ask yourself: why December 25? Why a Christmas Tree? Why Mistletoe?Why a Yule Log? etc. Oh the worthless frenzy the people of the churches exercise themselves in when it is a vain concoction. They elements are all of pagan in origins. The Puritans were right about the day.

    It comes nowhere from Scripture. Nothing happen of ANY significance for Christians on December 25, yet Christians are encouraged to become supremely emotional about the day. God has give us the Lord’s Day (Sundays) to worship the entire work of God and His redemption. The Apostles never observed the “birthday” of Christ as though Christ actually only came into being on December 25!

    What of the idolatry of the day? Do you have an image of a “baby Christ” in your homes and churches? That is idolatry! For no image created by man is a correct image and is impossible to portray not only His physical being, for He sat for no artist, but His deity cannot possibly be portrayed. And if you have an image of Christ and it were a true image, it should be revered, but it is forbidden in the commandments to have even the image!

    I tell you read the Old Testament and learn for they were destroyed for daring to mix paganism with the worship of God. Then again, if you are Dispensational, the Old Testament mean little to you doesn’t it.

  3. I like to spend the day ridding the house of unused and stupid toys and dust. This year I cleaned the walls. They’re ready for painting now. Then the family and I, to thumb our noses at the day, as you should never conduct business on a Holy Day, indulge at our local Chinese restaurant. 🙂 I crack myself up!

  4. Dee,

    I don’t think any Christians who celebrates Christmas really care about all the things you make a big deal of. I am not ignorant of many of the pagan origins that stand behind a lot of Christmas traditions, but I don’t really care either. The pagan origin means nothing to me, just as many in Paul’s day continued to eat meat sacrificed to idols, knowing that it really meant nothing, since an idol really is nothing, and the meat was sanctified in giving thanks.

    Do you really believe that all of the traditions and rituals in the Presbyterian church are straight from the Bible? Hardly. So where do they come from? At the least, they are human in origin, but that doesn’t typically matter to church goers since they represent to them godly practices and ways to focus on God, etc. As rex pointed out, our Calendar is Roman in origin and the names of our days have roots in Roman mythology, named after the gods. Do you refrain from calling Saturday “Saturday?” Do you use a special redeemed Hebrew Calendar? Perhaps you do not say “Jesus” since that is not His proper Jewish name, as some do. Do you celebrate every communion with an actual love feast? If not, why not? I could go on and on. Where do we draw the line and who decides where the line should be drawn? In the end it all tends towards legalism, in my opinion. There are far more important issues to focus on.

    When I celebrate Christmas I focus on the coming of Christ. I rejoice with the angels in Christ’s birth. The pagan Christmas tree reminds me of God’s creation that will be redeemed because of Christ. The exchanging of presents reminds me of the greatest gift of all, Christ given for all the world, so that all can be saved. The songs I sing focus on God and give Him praise for Christ. They focus on Christ’s rule over this world and His kingship, and much much more. Christmas is a powerful spiritual experience for me, and one that we share with family in a special and meaningful way. If you have problems with it, and cannot participate in faith, then you shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean you need to condemn others who celebrate in faith and with a clear conscience (Romans 14). I truly don’t see what you think is being gained by doing that. Are you just trying to create more division among God’s people? Are you trying to make yourself feel superior to those Christians who celebrate Christmas? Is it a case of misery loves company?

    Did you look at the video linked to in this post. It gives hope in the pure gospel message. Not sure why you would be against that or feel the need to make a comment about how Christmas is pagan and shouldn’t be celebrated. Again, what are you hoping to accomplish in doing that? If anything, it just takes the focus off of the gospel hope offered in this video and puts the focus on you and your opinions regarding Christmas. What a shame.

  5. Then the family and I, to thumb our noses at the day, as you should never conduct business on a Holy Day, indulge at our local Chinese restaurant. I crack myself up!

    I can only assume the Chinese restaurant you visit has no symbols of Chinese paganism or idolatry as most Chinese Restaurants do. I assume you do not read or eat the fortune cookie, ether. That would be truly horrible.

  6. Really? eating at a Chinese restaurant is sinful?

    No, not really (unless it violates one’s conscience). That was the point.

    Allow me to direct you again to Romans 14.

    God Bless,

  7. Nope. I don’t have time right now to read a 100 page article, especially since I really don’t care about the reasons why some think Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated. I have no problem with you or Schwertley not celebrating Christmas.

    God Bless,

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