6 thoughts on “A Simple Biblical Perspective on the Relationship Between Faith and Salvation

  1. That quote above would really confuses many who cling to the reformed doctrine. I have always known that one must recieve Christ through faith for salvation, but so many people I talk to say that even this is a work! Even my minister last week on a sermon said that God must ‘work a miracle’ before one can believe (I think many of the ministers at my Church hold to Calvinistic thelogy although probably don’t express it as such).

    I have said this: if regeneration MUST happen and fait must be ‘imparted’ before one is even able to repent and believe, then the sole reason anyone repents is, of course, God’s work (I don’t deny that God does have the primary work through His Spirit to call people to Christ through the Gospel preached) but in an equal way, the only reason one would NOT repent is becasue of God’s lack of work, He simply chooses to pass over them for no apparent reason other than the fact that He never willed them to be saved from all eternity!

    So eternal life and eternal death become the full responsibility and action of God Himself. There is no responsibility of man to repent and believe really so I’d say that this extreme view of God having to “work a miracle” renders faith and repentance completley meaningless.

  2. First of all I’d just like to praise God and thank you for this site, Ben. It has been a fantastic resource from such a biblical view.

    Just to let you know, brother, I have begun to write a paper called “Article of Objections to the Calvinistic Doctrine: Why the Biblical Christian Should Reject the Calvinist’s Interpretation of the Scriptures.”

    I would ask for your prayers though. I hope to be able to present my paper to the ministry there so I have alot of work ahead to get it refined and up and running. I hope to be able to present it to the ministry team before April.


  3. I forgot to mention (silly me); I will be presenting this paper when it is complete to the ministry staff at my church Jannali Anglican Church (Sydney Australia), the majority of whom are strong calvinists. I want to make the paper challenging, strong, forward and clear but not offensive. As I said, lots of work to do!!

  4. Brendan,

    That is quite an intimidating task you have set for yourself. Just wondering, how do you expect it to be received if the majority of the staff is strongly Calvinistic? What if the response is very negative? What do you ultimately hope will be accomplished by presenting this to your ministry team?

    You should probably consider joining “The Society of Evangelical Arminians”. Just follow the link below and follow the instructions for membership:


    BTW, it is wonderful to hear that you have benefited from this site.

    God Bless,

  5. Ben;

    I expect the paper to be recieved with critique attached. Why? To refine my views and posiiton according to biblical truth. To clarify my hope with it, let me tell you that when i spoke to the snior minister he said to me “You’re wanting to put man above God” and “Brendan, God’s Sovereignty has never been shown to be a problem in the Scriputres…” etc. I have ben going to tis wonderful, beautiful church every week for over a year now, too!

    And so I hope to present exactly what I believe and why (that is, why I reject Calvinism and affiliate with Arminianism), so that the ministry and my friends who might like a copy of the paper could be more informed.

    PS: I’d also like to ask permission to quote from this site where necessary. Thankyou.


    Are you apart of the ESoA too?

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