Corporate Election (Resources)

I am a strong proponent of the corporate election view and wanted to list and link to some good resources which explain and advocate that position.  Hopefully, I will add on to this as new resources become available.  If anyone knows of any good resources on the subject that I have missed, please let me know in the comments section so I can add them.


Brian Abasciano On the Corporate Perspective of Paul and His Culture, the Translation of Rom 9:6b, and Corporate Election in Romans 9

A Concise Summary of the Corporate View of Election and Predestination

Election in the Old Testament

William W. Klein, “Is Corporate Election Merely Virtual Election?”

Brian J. Abasciano, “Corporate Election in Romans 9: A Reply to Thomas Schreiner”

Brian Abasciano, “Clearing Up Misconceptions about Corporate Election”, Ashland Theological Journal 41 (2009) 67-102.  This is Dr. Abasciano’s follow-up to his “Reply to Thomas Schreiner” on Romans 9 (above) which Schreiner later responded to.  While it is not a direct response to Schreiner’s rebuttal, it does interact with it quite a bit.

Brian Abasciano Responds to Dan Wallace on Corporate Election

Brian Abasciano Responds to Thomas Schreiner’s Review of His Book on Romans 9:10-18

Brian Abasciano, “Corporate Election Misrepresented in the Pillar Commentary on Romans by Colin G. Kruse”

Joshua Ratliff, “Ephesians 1:3-4: An Explanation of the Corporate and Christocentric Nature of Election”

Brian Roden: “The Doctrine of Election: Corporate Calling of a People with Conditional Individual Participation in the Elect”

William Lane Craig on Romans 9

Some Great Comments on Corporate Election, Apostasy/Perseverance, and Rom. 8:28-39

Some Good Comments from Robert Shank on Rom 8:28-29

Corporate Election Quotes

What Does “Calling/Called” Refer to in the Bible?


Elect in the Son, by Robert Shank

The New Chosen People, by William W. Klein (Revised and Expanded)

Commentary on Ephesians in “The Expositor’s Bible Commentary” (Revised addition) covering Ephesians to Philemon, by William W. Klein

God’s Strategy in Human History, by Forster and Marston (esp. chapter 17, “Chosen and Elect”)

The Chosen People: Election, Paul and Second Temple Judaism, by A. Chadwick Thornhill

[Also, see here for a lecture by Thornhill on Paul’s Election Theology ]

William McDonald’s chapter, “The Biblical Doctrine of Election”,  in The Grace of God and the Will of Man

Paul and Apostasy: Eschatology, Perseverance, and Falling Away in the Corinthian Congregation, by B. J. Oropeza