Here is a Calvinist Who Isn’t Afraid to Tell it Like it is!

Marvin Merriweather writes:

Jesus was a Calvinist…I’m a five-point Calvinist who renounces any other gospel except the one true gospel of Jesus Christ the Calvinist Messiah.

In a comments thread he writes:

Calvin was so special that Jesus held to his theology. Jesus foreknew the future and realized Calvin had the best theology in the history of the universe. John Calvin and Jesus are almost like brothers.

Is this a joke?  One can only hope.

22 thoughts on “Here is a Calvinist Who Isn’t Afraid to Tell it Like it is!

  1. With the first quote in your post…maybe. There are extremists in every group. But the second quote in your post was obviously a joke. Anyone who would seriously say that really has a lack of knowledge of who Jesus is and what He does.

  2. DC,

    Good point. Jesus must have overlooked him simply because his theology was underdeveloped compared with Calvin. Also, Augustine, for a long time believed and argued for a libertarian view of free will. That’s two strikes against him. Oh, and at least Calvin knew Greek.

    God Bless,

  3. Maybe there should be a movement called WWJB (what would Jesus believe) where Calvinists can place each of their favorite or least favorite theologians on a continuum with Calvin at the top.

  4. Gentlemen,

    I can’t believe that you all consider my dearly held beliefs to be a joke. Most Calvinists have it all wrong – they think Jesus figured out theology. I believe Jesus WAS theology and that Calvin was given divine insight to figure it out. Calvin’s theology is the most biblical in the history of the universe. My only hope is that Calvin, who was a cold-hearted murderer, was chosen for salvation. If not, well, I guess I’ll be dancin in heaven while he suffers in hell.

    Love in Christ,

    Marvin Merriweather
    Deut. 29:29

  5. If you go to “Marvin’s” blog, you’ll see he’s not for real. Simply a poser employing extreme statements to discredit ‘Calvinists’.

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  7. James Galyon calls me a poser. What a laughable statement from a guy who is always trying to pose as a “voice” for the future of the SBC. I can’t believe this dude received a doctorate. Guess what he wrote his dissertation about? Calvinism’s effect on evangelism! So he oughtta know Jesus was a Calvinist, but he refuses to admit it.

  8. It was along time ago, and I haven’t been able to find it again. It actually grieved my heart when I first read it.

    And then I began to read other stuff from “Reformed theologians. The most outrageous of which was right after the Oklahoma City bombing, and Sproul Jr. said that the children killed would not go to heaven because salvation was Sola Christos. At least he was logically consistent.

  9. Davidk,

    It is true that some people who are theologically reformed believe that non-elect children who die will not go to Heaven. But that is not true of ALL reformed theologians. In fact, many (such as Al Mohler, John MacArthur) believe that all children who die before a certain time / age will be saved because God has made provision for them. This is the position that I hold to.

    As for RC Sproul Jr., I don’t know much about him. I do know that he is considered radical in many areas. He is not someone I would recommend for people who are trying to learn about Reformed Theology. There are a lot better people to read.

  10. Marvin,

    It is a bit disingenious to pose a Calvinist of any sort, especially when you only to create a caricature of Calvinism as being utterly absurd. If you are as ‘supremely Calvinistic” as your comments suggest then why aren’t you challenging the ‘heretical Arminians” in the comment meta?

  11. That’s what I love about Calvinists…they’d just as soon rip someone a new one instead of pray for them. Scribe, Arminians are not heretical….but many Calvinists are. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge the universal availability of salvation is a heretic. Period. Which makes some, but not ALL, Calvinists to be heretical.

  12. I always find it very interesting when you have those sort of extreme statements being made, which put Calvin on par with Christ Jesus Himself or perhaps John the Baptist or Moses! Oh my. It makes me wonder what sort of influences make this belief acceptable to [an] individual(s) in question, for it surely isn’t the Word of God!

  13. I think it is someone who doesn’t like the calvinist doctrines and is calling themselves a calvinist and saying stupid things to give those who hold to these views a bad name.

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