Dr. Brian Abasciano’s Dissertation on Rom. 9:1-9 Now Available at SEA

Dr. Abasciano’s doctoral dissertation is concerned with an in-depth exegesis of Rom. 9:1-9 with special attention to the OT background as it relates to Paul’s argumentation.  It was the basis of his first book in an on going series on Romans 9 (the second volume on Rom. 9:10-18 is expected to be published sometime in 2010, or perhaps 2011).  Dr. Abasciano takes a corporate view of election and his dissertation constitutes a very important study of the way that Paul’s understanding and use of the OT sheds light on a proper understanding of his argument and view of election in Romans 9.

Paul’s Use of the OT in Romans 9:1-9: An Intertextual and Theological Exegesis

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