Exposing Calvinist “Forgery” in the Paper Trail of Prophesied Prayers (Comments)

A member of the Society of Evangelical Arminians SEA with the screen name of “Arminian” (Blogger and in the past sometimes WordPress) and “arminian1” (now WordPress) has been debating with Calvinist scholar James Anderson, who teaches at Reformed Theological Seminary, over whether petitionary prayer can rightly be called a cause of God’s answers to prayer or some of God’s decisions about how to answer prayer. “Arminian” has posted his most recent response to Anderson at the SEA site (“Exposing Calvinist ‘Forgery’in the Paper Trail of Prophesied Prayers”), which does not allow comments. So this post will serve to host comments on Arminian’s post.

4 thoughts on “Exposing Calvinist “Forgery” in the Paper Trail of Prophesied Prayers (Comments)

  1. There seems to be far too much reliance on the notion of prayer being a temporal event as opposed to the eternal divine decision. This strikes me as philosophical musing hoping to skin the cat in another direction. Consider the prayer of a righteous man. If it indeed avails much in the heavenly realm and in the eyes of God so to speak, how can righteous prayer be anything less than eternal? I suppose one could argue prayer becomes a forgotten event somehow but the truth remains that prayer brings eternal consequence.
    I suppose my inclination is to accept the plain instruction of scripture at face value unless given a reason to submit it to mystery or mask.

  2. Mallet,

    I think that is a valid point. We need to be more concerned with what Scripture teaches, than what we believe to be valid theories of space and time, etc. We need to be careful not to put limit’s on God’s abilities, and as “Arminian” points out, God is capable of being affected by prayers because He sovereignly decides to allow prayers to affect Him and influence His decisions and actions, and His ability to do that should not be limited by our various theories concerning what is and is not possible with regards to our very limited knowledge of how time operates, and our total ignorance of God’s unfathomable abilities concerning a phenomena that He Himself created.

    It is also extremely important to note that Anderson has so far side stepped the objections raised, by “Arminian”, concerning the effectiveness of prayer and the claim that it can serve as a “cause”, given Calvinistic presuppositions concerning exhaustive determinism.

    God Bless,

  3. What Anderson seems to be doing, common to any sectarian dominated theology, is try to force the round scripture into a square understanding. The LORD has provided scriptural truth in a manner that even a child, born in Christ, can grasp. The LORD acts on the prayers of His saints. He responds to our faithful entreaties. The only reason I can fathom for rejecting what is clearly stated is the need to buttress a philosophy anchored in a mirey clay.

    I pulled up E.M. Bounds Power Through Prayer after reading the post on SEA. It is still comforting to know that wise words on prayer remain an inspiration when confronting misplaced zeal.

  4. I’m with both of you. When all else fails (as it usually does) stick to the scriptures and rethink your philosophical notions.
    I like your blog, by the way. I added it to my links. My blog is also geared towards Arminianism. Your welcome to add me to your links as well if you would like.


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