Soteriology and Marriage

Someone found my site by typing in a question about whether or not an Arminian should marry a Calvinist.  On one level it seems that it might be a trivial detail to consider in a spouse, but on another level it seems very important as it could certainly cause unnecessary stress in the relationship, especially if both parties see their soteriological view point as very important.  What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Soteriology and Marriage

  1. I think it depends on the couple and their personalities, like you said, it also depends on how seriously they feel about their view on soteriology. I think it is definitely something that should be discussed before the relationship goes further.

    Thinking about myself and how vehemently opposed I am to Reformed Theology, I can always agree to disagree, however, I could not be with someone who was arrogant and condescending in their Reformed position. I attend a Calvinist church; they do not push Reformed Theology and simply teach the bible so I’m happy to be there learning from good bible teachers.

  2. me ill just treat my Calvinist wife like any other calvinist friend or acquaintances, ignore their soteriological belief and just enjoy the benefits for being with them. ^_^

    Im sure a Calvinist wife can be someone that is described on the last chapter of the book of Proverbs.

  3. Spouses should be like-minded in areas that are important to them. Parents are responsible for teaching their children about God, and if the parents disagree on what to teach their children, this can cause irreparable rifts in the relationship. Doctrine needs to be agreed upon.

    Naturally, two can disagree on peripheral issues. The question ultimately comes down to: is soteriology peripheral, and if it is, who decides what to teach the children?

  4. Great comments. It is a challenging question. I think jc_freak is right that the real challenge would come in explaining and training our children in the gospel.

    When it comes to what we want our children to believe and the possible practical implications of those beliefs, what might not have been a big deal between spouses can quickly become a big deal

  5. I don’t know. It might prove to be quite convenient. “Yes, I did forget to take out the trash, Honey, but it was foreordained. If God had wanted me to take out the trash he would have ordained it. You’re really taking away from God’s sovereignty, Dear, when you blame me.” 😛

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