4 thoughts on “Is Arminianism Pelagian? Semi-Pelagian?

  1. Well, unless there is something embedded and not seen, as a wolf coming in sheeps clothing and after the dasterdly deed has been done stealthly, this is about as sound an essay as I have ever read, and am shocked and surprised!

    I am most shocked at the lack of enmity!

    What then, in your view, did the Synod of Dordt accomplish for the Calvinistic view undermining the followers, the Remonstrants, to cause such enmity in the first place?

    If what I just read is a fair accounting and scholarly by Billy as set forth, then I must retract some of my presumptions, I will admit that.

  2. The Synod of Dordt gave the Calvinists in the Netherlands a legal means of persecuting Arminians at the time. But even then, this power was relatively short lived.

    In truth, the Canons of Dordt have no real authority or significance behind them at all. Their only relevance was that it was the first time Arminianism was opposed, and it is a good expression of the Calvinist position. Any other signicance than that is mere smoke and mirrors.

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