Setting Hendryx Straight

J.C. Thibodaux continues to expose John Hendryx’s many logical fallacies and blatant misrepresentation of synergism.   Be sure to check it out.

Reply to John Hendryx’s continued distortions

You can read J.C.’s initial reply to John’s “Challenge to all Synergists” here and his response to John’s first rebuttal (via e-mail) here.

6 thoughts on “Setting Hendryx Straight

  1. Wow, thanks for the awesome plug Ben. I don’t think it would have come out half as good without your help in thoroughly developing the arguments, as well as my wife’s proofreading and suggestions.

  2. My pleasure. I am sure John will have more to say so this thing probably isn’t over yet, but in my completely unbiased and purely objective opinion, he is losing this one badly 🙂

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