5 thoughts on “Defining Terms

  1. Hey Josh,

    Some of them are silly but some of them are accurate IMO (though stated irreverently of course). Which ones do you especially find inaccurate?

  2. The only inaccurate ones are the Doris Day thing (maybe? not sure what that one means) and the ones about translations. Other than that, quite accurate.

    Augustine: The first church father. Totally what Calvinists beleive.

    Infant damnation: Something that brings God glory. Calvinists can’t conceive of anything that could bring their false god more glory than damning the innocent for someone else’s sin.

    Glory: Praise we give to God for anything wicked that has ever happened (except for the birth of Charles Finney).
    Damning infants for Adam’s sin, decreeing that people sin then punishing them for it, micromanaging Satan and making him create false religions, micromanaging human beings and making them rape one another, etc. All these things are seen by the Calvinists to somehow increase their god’s glory–but the lives of men who challenge Calvinism someone escape from the Calvinist system. Somehow, although their god is supposedly totally controlling everything, men like Finney are somehow seen as outside the system “wrecking” their god’s deterministic plans. Just another inconsistency in this scheme of Satan worship.

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