Taking a Short Break

I had my next post nearly done the other day at home on a Word document (I don’t have the Internet at home) when the electricity went out and I lost it all.  Unfortunately, I will likely not get it up until late next week, at the earliest, as I will be away visiting family until Tuesday.  I will likewise not be available to interact with any comments until then; and if you are a first time commenter your comments will not appear until after I return and am able to approve them (please don’t let that discourage you from leaving comments).  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

God Bless,


2 thoughts on “Taking a Short Break

  1. Hey Ben, I was wondering if you had recieved my email concerning that friend of mine. I am aware that you might not reply to this comment for a while, but all in good time, whenever you are able to can you please let me know. Because I have had some problems with my computer where for some strange reason people have not been receving my emails. God bless and thankyou…

  2. Hello Abigail,

    I did get your e-mail and I did check out your friend’s site. I can’t find the e-mail you sent for some reason so if you want to talk more about it then please e-mail me again.

    God Bless,

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